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what are you? 

A loaded question every bi-racial person has been asked, with my answer usually ultimately leading to "my mother is from the Philippines and my Dad is from North Dakota." Yes, almost literal opposite sides of the planet. 

Part of me is new to this country; first born in a new world. Another part of me is just one in a long line of those who have called the US home for multiple generations. 

My father's family has been in the United States since before the civil war, with my grandfather and great grandfather  both buried in Fort Rice, North Dakota- near the now famous Standing Rock Indian reservation. 

Having lived in the Philippines, Hawaii, and California, I haven't spent much time with my father's family, or learned much about their history... Time to change that and further explore my American roots. 

Starting June 15, 2018, my father and I will jump in a car, head north, and embark on the ultimate father-daughter road trip. 

our mission

Prior to departing for our journey, I will interview my father about this trip. Particularly what it means to him to be able to embark on this journey of discovery together. 

During the trip, I'll be conducting in the moment interviews and managing photo shoots at various stops along the route. 

On camera interview will be conducted at the conclusion of the trip. 

our ask

Seeking brands with an adventurous spirit and desire to collaborate with independent content creators. 

our route




national parks






epic adventure


Grand Canyon



North Dakota



Black Hills

South Dakota


With 9 years of entertainment and marketing experience, Cassandra has worked on projects with major TV networks such as NBC, CBS, BRAVO, Animal Planet, ESPN, and OWN. She's managed strategic partnerships with global brands such as Procter & Gamble and Condé Naste from creative ideation process through ensuring legal fulfillments of on camera trade-outs.  Cassandra recently launched the travel site and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. 

Media Credits

Co-Producer- Untitled, Netflix
Producer- Lace Up, YouTube Red
Marketing Manager- Immersv, Inc.
Associate Producer- America's Next Top Model, CW

Story Producer- Finding Bigfoot, Animal Planet
Associate Producer- Deion's Family Playbook, OWN
Coordinator- ESPN Enforcer Series Commercials
Associate Producer- Interior Therapy, BRAVO


Charles has a master of science degree in education from California State University East Bay and specializes in online education. Is a published author with a book and multpiple freelance articles through various print publications. His background includes twenty-four years of service with the United States Navy as a sonar technician, including service during the Gulf War. Born in Washington state, raised in North Dakota, and joining the US Navy at 18 has brought Charles around the world, a few times over giving him a lifetime of outdoor experience. He currently lives in Waianae, HI. 


Day 1

Los Angeles, CA to Flagstaff, AZ

West on I 10

North on I 15

West on I 40

Day 2

Flagstaff, AZ to Pagosa Springs, CO

West on I 40

North on 191

West on 160

Day 3

Pagosa Springs, CO to Colorado Springs, CO

West on 160

North on I 25

Day 4-8

Colorado Springs, CO to Rapid City, SD


West on I 80

North on I 25

West on 76

North on 71

West on 88

North on 383

East on BIA 32 (Not on Maps)

Day 9

Rapid City, SD  to Billings, MT

West I 90 to Spearfish

North 85 to Belle Fouche

West 14

West 90

Day 10-11

Billings Montana

Day 12

Day 12

Billings. MT to Mandan, ND

Day 13-16

Mandan, ND

Day 17

Mandan, ND to Calgary, Canada

North from Mandan on 83

West on 1804

North on 37

West on 23 Possible stop Newtown

North on 1804

West on 1804 Stop in Williston if we didn’t stop in Newtown Eat

West on 2 Stop for night Wolf Point or Glasgow

Day 18

Continue travel to Calgary

West on 2

North on 15

Enter Canada at Sweet Grass

North on 2 to Calgary

Day 19-24

Calgary, Canada

Day 24-30

Calgary, Canada back to Los Angeles, CA


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