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Bestie vacations

Updated: May 29, 2018

Sometimes life gets in the way of keeping in touch with our besties and there's nothing like a girls trip to re-kindle friendships and create new memories. Here's a list of my favorite destinations to enjoy with friends.

Happy travels!



1. Honolulu, Hawaii

With direct flights from LA, Oakland, San Francisco, Seattle, New Jersey, New York, you basically have to live outside of a major city to exclude yourself from a direct flight option. Once you land, Honolulu has something for everyone: a city with a million people who want to enjoy a fun night out on the town, and secluded beaches for those who want peace and quiet. And if you're someone like me who wants it all, Honolulu lets you do just that. My favorite hotel to stay at in Honolulu is the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. It's been a Waikiki landmark since it opened it doors in 1927, and has one of the best views of Diamond Head from their hotel bar. Directly next door is a VERY close second, the Sheraton Waikiki. Two words: infinity pool.

2. Palm Springs, California

The airport in Palm Springs is rather small so there's a limited amount of direct flights however, it's a short drive from Los Angeles so flying to LAX or BUR and driving to Palm Springs can be part of the fun! Once you arrive, take in all the mid century amazingness! My current favorite hotel is the Saguaro. It's insta-famous for a reason. Great drinks, delicious food, and the decor is equally beautiful in photos as it is in person.

3. Los Angeles, California

I am ALL for a staycation! One of the best ways to get the feel of a vacation without breaking the bank! If you don' live in LA, it's insanely easy to get to! Major hub for flights from all over the world, and the weather is so great, flight delays (at least from the LA side) isn't something you need to worry about. Los Angeles is HUGE. So determine if you want to spend time near the beach, near the mountains, or in the city! You will not be disappointed with any choice.

Need a list of must sees for your next trip? Want some guidance with what to pack? Let us know what info you need! Feel free to email us at


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