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Survive red eye flights like a pro

Updated: May 23, 2018

Figuring out how to sleep on an airplane and wakeup to resemble a functioning human being can be daunting. Here are 3 road tested tips to use when preparing for your next red eye flight. 

Happy travels!

xo,  CB

1. Sync in-flight activities with your arrival time.

If you’re landing during the day, try and get as much sleep a possible on your flight. Have some wine, avoid coffee, listen to calming music, do whatever it takes to catch some z’s (especially towards the second half of the flight), so you can hit the ground running once you’re off the plane. Landing at night? Try your best to keep your eyes open at all costs! Take a nap before you go to the airport & towards the first half of your flight, drink coffee earlier on, listen to energizing music, read a page turner... Get your body prepared to fall asleep shortly after you arrive at your destination.

2. Book a window seat.

Window seats allow for the most versatility, especially for a short (or long) nap. use the extra horizontal inches to your advantage! Close the window blind, place your pillow on it, and now you’ve got a bit more space to rest. If you end up staying awake for most of the flight, it’s still a great position to be in. Only get up when you want to, and no need to worry about making space for carts.

3. Bring your own food and water on board.

Staying hydrated is important on so many levels. Having access to your own water bottle stored in the small seat pocket is a game changer! Airplane food at its best is still… Airplane food. And if you want to make your own schedule, one of the best ways to do that is to eat what you want, WHEN you want. Airport restaurants are more than happy to give you food to go, and some even provide special cooler bags allowing you to eat further along in the flight. If carrying a full meal on isn’t your jam (or you’re flying first and the food is amazing), pack some snacks! There are SO many great bars available that taste amazing and are easy store in the seat pocket. Next to your water bottle. Because we're staying hydrated =)

Need a list of must sees for your next trip? Want some guidance with what to pack? Let us know what info you need! Feel free to email us at


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