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Looking Good with 3oz or Less

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Deciding which beauty products to pack and which ones to leave behind can be tricky. Whether you're packing for a long trip, or a weekend get away, these tips will help anyone needing to follow the 3oz rule and look damn good doing it.

1. Pack multipurpose items.

Love a good lip AND cheek product! I keep one in my work bag so that even if I have zero time to get ready, I can at least look like I have some life left in me. I recently got my eyebrows micro-bladed but before that, filling them in was 100% necessity. Huge fan of two in one, brow pencil + brow gel sticks. Use that amazing highlighter you just got as an eyeshadow! SO many ways to double up.

2. Keep using your go to products.

If you know something works for you, keep using it! Buy a travel sized version or utilize travel sized containers. Keep up the beauty regiment that's great for your skin, use that foundation that makes you feel confident, bring along your signature perfume scent. Maintaining routine will help you have more energy for other aspects of your trip.

3. Prioritize!

Space is finite. Especially if you're only packing a carry on. Think about what you really need, or more importantly, what you actually use. If you've never stayed at the place you'll be checking in at, call them and ask what products they offer for guests. Hotels have really stepped up their amenities game which allows me to skip packing shampoo, conditioner, etc.

4. Pack a statement lip color.

Having a bold bright red, deep burgundy, or a bright pink packs a huge punch for little effort. Lip sticks and lip glosses are designed to be easy to travel with and insanely easy to apply. The key to following this tip: use a color you're comfortable with! Make sure to test drive your travel lippie prior to takeoff. The more comfortable you are with the color the better.

Need a list of must sees for your next trip? Want some guidance with what to pack? Let us know what info you need! Feel free to email us at


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